ANNOUNCEMENT: Field guides to ensuring voter intent - a Kickstarter project

4 Mar 2012 - 7:22pm
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Dana Chisnell

These don't exist -- yet. But it is my intention, along with Drew Davies and Whitney Quesenbery and a few other collaborators, if the project is funded -- to do some basic research this spring and summer on issues around vote-by-mail, multi-language ballots, voting and older adults, and possibly alternative counting methods (like ranked choice voting). 
After we've got data, we'll go directly to Top 10s in a series of what I'm calling "field guides" published by Scout. My goal is to have them done in time for local elections officials to lay out their ballots in July for the November 2012 election. 
At this very moment, there's a campaign going on at to raise enough funds to make it doable. Here's a link to that: We launched on Kickstarter on Wednesday, February 29. So far, the pace of contributions is pretty darned good. But I would really appreciate any help you can give in getting the word out. 



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