Boxes and Arrows Turns Ten!

1 Mar 2012 - 12:32pm
4 years ago
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I almost fell over backwards when Austin Govella pointed out to me Boxes and Arrows is turning ten years old next month! Erin Malone still likes to tease me that I said I'd be happy if it lasted six months. 

I'd like to put out a call to all you fine folks in support for our little magazine, and ask if you'd like to write a little something to help us celebrate! The wayback machine reminds us of those great themes from year one-- personas, what is experience design/IA/IxD, learning from the Eames, how do you get into government consulting, how to make websites in other cultures, understanding CEO's ... if you'd like to revisit any of these great topics, or bring up new ones, please ping me. for reference (and dig that awesome baby blue!):
As well, B&A will be sponsoring a very special retreat in august to look at the future of our profession; as well we'll be looking at the next generation of B&A. If you are interested, please let me know about that too! (especially if you like to help!). 
I'm proud and incredibly thankful to this amazing community that has given us such a wealth of knowledge sharing. You should all be pleased as punch as well, you are all so good to eachother. 
This March Austin will be raising a toast in Austin (how apropos!) and Chris Baum in New Orleans... come find us and share the celebration!


1 Mar 2012 - 6:40pm

Hi Christina,

How time flies - unbelievable - I can remember me as if it were yesterday, when I read your welcome post


Btw. I am and will be always happy and willing if can support B&A in any way or form. If you need help please drop me a line.

I'm so sorry, I can't make it happen to attend the IA summit another consecutive year.
And I wish you and the whole B&A-Team success! Good luck! 


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