OPEN CALL: Regional Coordinator nominations for European and African regions

11 Feb 2012 - 11:50am
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k lenox

IxDA is now accepting Regional Coordinator nominations for the European and African regions.  Nominations, for yourself or for others you think would be an excellent community leader should apply, will be accepted until Sunday, February 26, 2012, at 11:59 pm GMT.

The Interaction Design Association is a global community focused on discussing and advancing the discipline of interaction design, and the community of interest is growing at an amazing pace. This growth reflects the increasing importance and interest in interaction design worldwide. In its young life, IxDA has grown to 28,000+ members on, 35,000+ LinkedIn group members, and 120 IxDA local groups worldwide. There is an amazing community of interest to tap into, and always so much more we could be doing. We need your leadership and vision to keep the spirit of the organization alive and support its ability to provide platforms for the community to gather and advance the discipline of interaction design together.

The IxDA Board of Directors consists of a six-person volunteer executive committee comprising IxDA members who are serving as leaders of IxDA globally. Regional Coordinators help further the mission of the IxDA as well as provide liaison between the Board and the local groups.

The mission of the IxDA considers the following statements:  

    We believe that the human condition is increasingly challenged by poor experiences.
    IxDA intends to improve the human condition by advancing the discipline of Interaction Design.
    To do this, we foster a community of people that choose to come together to support this intention.
    IxDA relies on individual initiative, contribution, sharing and self-organization as the primary means for us to achieve our goals.

As a volunteer-led and supported organization with no paid membership, IxDA relies on leadership emerging directly from the community. We are seeking highly motivated and passionate individuals, ready to shape and guide the organization in furthering IxDA's goals and mission.


There is one opening for a European and African Regional Coordinator. Regional Coordinators serve as long as they feel they can actively serve the community with a minimum of one year.


The role of the Regional Coordinator is as follows:

  • Onboard and mentor local groups and guide new groups into becoming active locally, regionally and globally
  • Manage relationships when local leadership changing hands and offer support to new leader(s)
  • Assist the Board of Directors in setting up and modifying admin rights, publishing new local pages and monitor new local group requests
  • Assist the Board of Directors in understanding the regional needs and how best to support our local groups
  • Assist the Board of Directors in evolving and defining an appropriate governance model of Local groups to support the growth of Local groups worldwide

The Regional Coordinator role requires the following commitment:

  • Participation in a quarterly virtual meeting with fellow Regional Coordinator and Board
  • Active participation in initiatives that are acting against a strategic direction for the organization as they relate to local and regional needs
  • Average of 2-5 hours attending to IxDA business a week
  • Assist in the coordination of the annual Local Leader Workshop (held at the annual conference)
  • Attend annual meeting with Board of Directors
  • Attend the Interaction conference (registration, travel & accommodation covered)
  • Must reside in the region


After all nominations are received, the current Board and Regional Coordinators from Asia, South America and North America will review all nominations and select the best suited candidate for the position. This is the same process as used in the past for IxDA Board nominations (with current standing Board members making selection). 

After nominations are received on Sunday, February 26th, those nominated will be informed. The Board and RC's will interview candidates as appropriate, and the Board will vote on the nominations. After the position has been voted on and accepted, the Board of Directors will announce the new Regional Coordinator in March, 2012.

The new term will begin in March, 2012 and the new Regional Coordinator will be expected to attend IxD13 in February 2013, registration, airfare and accommodation covered.

Nominations will be accepted until February 26, 2012, at 11:59 pm GMT. Nominate yourself or someone you know (and we'll reach out to them):


26 Feb 2012 - 10:48pm
k lenox

The nominations period is closed for EU & African Regional Coordinator. Announcement of new RC will be forethcoming.

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