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1 Feb 2012 - 2:32pm
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Hey Guys,

I am currently working on a project that spans both web and mobile products. As part of this process, the UX team has create a high-level site map and individual feature flows. However, one of the developers on the mobile side is asking for an additional articifact; an "app map" or diagram focusing solely on entry and exitpoints thruout the entire application.

He's requested a WF screen be created for each app 'page' that shows navigation states, actions and how the user will 'back out'. Additionally, he doesn't want any screen content, rather just the screen title and a one to two sentence description of what the screen is.

Has anyone created this type of diagram? And if so, would you be comfortable sharing?

Thanks in advance.



2 Feb 2012 - 5:55am
William Hudson

Leslie -

What you describe is called a 'state transition diagram'. You can find lots of examples of these by searching for that phrase. Basically, each screen is a state and each possible transition is user action.

I have a UI example - if you'd like to see it, email me directly.



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