Gameification and Gen Y, and Creating a single online experience across the Queensland Government

2 Nov 2011 - 7:29pm
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Ben Melbourne

Following up form last week's meet-up, here are the slide decks from:

Gameification and Gen Y
Presented by Iain Rouse/Lee Grice, Technology One

An enterprise software provider needed to harness the raw enthusiasm and creativity of a new generation of workers.  Facing new technology and complex business problems, this talk will focus on some out of the out box thinking that was required to unify teams and have them focus on compelling user experiences.  You'll be taken on a journey from original thought through to hi-fi mockup to illustrate that conventional thinking doesn't always produce great results, and that consumer trends can be merged with core business concepts.

Creating a single, consistent experience across the Queensland Government website
Presented by David Beal & Andrew Ramsden, Queensland Government

The Queensland Government is a diverse and complicated organisation, spanning over 13 different departments, covering everything in the state from running the treasury to issuing fishing licenses. As more and more services have been provided online the Government's web presence has also grown to reflect this diversity and complexity, which can make it hard for the public to realise the full benefits of the available services.  Through their hard work researching, designing and implementing a common, single website experience, the Queensland Government Online team is in the process of changing this to make Queensland a world leader in the online space. In this case study, David and Andrew will share the highs, lows and challenges they have faced along their journey.

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