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12 Oct 2011 - 2:17am
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Hello. I'm new to this site, but from what I have read so far, very happy that I have found it. Here is my story and my plan of action.

My name is Eva. I have have 2 Masters degrees - M.S. in Marketing and M.S. in Computer Science and 3 years of professional experience: as a founder of IT startup and as a project manager in the marketing company. Since 2007, when my first son was born, I have been a 'stay at home Mom'. I am now planning to revive my career and truly focus on what I love to do the most. Something that, I could honestly say, is what want to be doing even it is the last day of my life.

I was always thrilled by computer graphics and I was always hungry for computer web or app designs that are beautiful, intuitive, forgiving and fun to use.

I realized that parts of my past jobs that were most exciting (and most successful) always had something to do with computer graphics, information architecture or user interface designs. I loved participating in usability studies, creating wireframes and use case scenarios. Those were my best moments. Therefore, from now on, I decided to shift my career to UI/UX/IA type of position. In a past couple of weeks I came across multiple wonderful resources: books, blogs, publications and discussion groups. I made a plan, which I want to share with you, of how to grow into a worthy candidate on UI/UX/IA position interview. Here it is:

1. At home, study open curriculum WaSP's Interact for User Science

Complete assignments

2. Find a mentor willing to feed back on how I did with those assignments

3. Find a non-profit organization and help them be more successful by consulting on their website usability issues

4. Put together a portfolio. Use examples from previous work, Interact's assignments (the most brilliant ones) and the non-profit work

5. Start looking for entry level jobs as UI/UX/IA

Everyone's path is different and I am sure you have taken a very different path.

However I would really appreciate your opinion on my plan and perhaps suggestions from your experience.

Let me know if you would like to mentor me through the process :)


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