Fedora Installer Rapid Ethnography

8 Jul 2011 - 6:29pm
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I was hoping some of you could help me out. I want to do a rapid ethnography study on potential linux (i.e., Fedora) users. I plan for this to be extremely informal, where the the user can stop and talk at any time.

Three main tasks

1. Interview: This will include questions to develop a persona, demographics, lunix usage, computer type etc.
   I plan for the installation to interactive to an extent, the user may ask for help only when they are at an impass. If they express a frustration with a feature or task, they will be asked (why does this bother you?, how could this be solved?)

2. Installation: the user will install the interface (read & think aloud).

3. SUS based paper survey

For more information on the premise of this study visit my blog blog.gejoreni.com  see anaconda ethnography.

Anyway, below is my first draft at defining the specific questions. There are many professionals in this group that could provide some great insight. (not this project is not for profit and is open source)
Please read below and provide me with some solutions.

Thanks so much:

With consent, the user will be recorded by screen, webcam, & audio.


During installation I will be paying attention to the following things:

·         Read aloud

o    The user will be asked to read aloud, skipping all of the text they would skip silently

·         Think aloud

o    The user will be asked to think aloud.

·         Each installation will be recorded and coded for the following metrics:

§  Time:

§  Each screen

§  Total install

§  Recover from error

§  Accuracy

§  Incorrect buttons pressed

§  Errors encountered

§  Dialog & instruction misunderstood

§  Success

§  Complete the installation

§  Each stage of the installation correctly

§  Satisfaction

§  Explicit frustration

§  Expressing anger, cursing, quitting etc. Other cues?

§  Satisfaction survey ( no more than 5 questions)

Personal Interview & Demographics

·         Persona info

o    Hobbies?

o    Music?

o    Education?

o    Others?

·         What type of computer(s) do the target users have?

o    Os, and specs?

·         Would the target users install Fedora on their primary or secondary computer?

·         Would the target users prefer most to

o    dual-boot with another operating system?

o    Run off of live media only, then install later

o    Try in a virtual machine (what VM software do they have? VMware? Virtual Box? KVM? Xen? Other?)

  • Have they ever tried installing a linux distribution?
    • How did it go, which one?


Paper Survey: based on SUS

1.    I would not mind using doing this installation again on another computer.

2.    I found this installation unnecessarily complex.

3.    I thought this installation was easy to use.

4.    I think that I would need assistance to be able to install this.

5.    I found the various functions in this installer were well integrated.

6.    I thought there was too much inconsistency in this installer.

7.    I would imagine that most people would learn to use this installer very quickly.

8.    I found this installer very cumbersome/awkward to use.

9.    I felt very confident using this installer.

10. I would need to learn a lot of things before I could get going with this installer.


Other notes:


·         STRESS

o    How can I replicate stress the user encounters when faced with potentially destroying their hard drive?

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