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7 Jul 2011 - 3:32pm
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I am wondering if except for the already well known, whiteboard, sticky notes, markers and large sheets of paper are there any digital tools available to facilitate the collection/analysis of data, creation of personas and of course of scenarios in a shared environment?!

If you are not aware of such a tool, what are the pieces of software that you'd use together in order to satisfy such goals?!

I have found a couple of videos showcasing a prototype for a touch responsive interface created at Stanford that aims at becoming such a tool

I am trying to find something similar but for a PC or Mac.


8 Jul 2011 - 12:59pm

I'm not aware of any offical sort of tools but I recently experimented with "digital stickies" (sounds fancy but it was essentially a template I created in Word) and it worked really well.  I'd tidy up my notes post-interview and then just copy/paste the interesting bits (highlighting the bits that I copied), one per "sticky" and then color code them so that I could always trace it back to the original source if necessary. 

Because I really like the tactile aspect of affinity mapping, I still printed the stickies and went from there, but if you aren't as fond of that as I am, I could certainly see using a mind mapping tool (or even something like One Note) to cluster your data.  It would be much easier to share the info too, and you wouldn't have the age-old problem of stickies falling off the wall or needing to transport them to another location.

8 Jul 2011 - 6:09pm

Well...I quite like the stickies and the whole process :)
I've recently been assigned with creating a digital tool that should help us deal with the process of creating personas and I currently have this dilemma, whether such at tool is necessary at all :)

I've ran into that's supposed to launch pretty soon ...have a look at their intro video

I'm pretty sure that they didn't get it right... their trying to skip a lot of steps from the process and practically put this task in the hands of the project owner... I have a strong feeling that the devel/design team will end up with a set of pseudo personas that have no real research value in the background...etc...

However what I have in mind is just creating something that wraps up all the data, allows the analyst to manipulate it and analyze it and create the personas...just like in a regular process, only that it takes place on a machine that can be remotely accessed, shared and benefit of all the advantages we've grown to like in recent web apps.

I'm just trying to gather as many tools, people use in this process so that I can start building my own personas and get as many clues as possbile about how they do we all do it pretty much different! :)

24 May 2013 - 4:35am
Anna Kitowska

If you're looking for a tool that allows you to create persona template and share ready user persona profile with your team you might want to check this one:  
It requires signing up but the tool itself is totally free and you get free credits to use for other user testing tools. 

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