Are rotating banners still in trend?

14 Jun 2011 - 10:22am
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Shilpi Joshi

Hello all, 

We are looking to revamp our website and make it more structured and informative, yet visually appealing to our guests. One suggestion that came up was the use of 'rotating banner' on our home page with some key information and links to our internal web pages.

We thus wanted to get an idea from the design community whether rotating banners are still in trend to use on the homepae of a website, as they were riding high couple of years back.

And, do they still have the same appeal to and draw from viewers?

Your kind input and feedbacks will be highly appreciated.


Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Best Regards,

Shilpi Joshi

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14 Jun 2011 - 2:24pm

I don't know whether they're still in fashion, but I've always been cautious about using rotating banners. Too often it seems they're used as an easy way to avoid those painful conversations about content priority. It's can another form of "everything needs to be on the homepage - and above the fold."

I don't have any research, but it also seems that there's a hit-or-miss issue - especially if you have more than 3 or 4 items in rotation. How much are visitors going to miss? They're not going to wait for the rotator to cycle all the way through. That's a pretty big downside - some % of your visitors are not going to see some % of the messages deemed important enough to put on the homepage.

I've seen rotating banners done such that every item in the rotation is referencing (and linked to) just one single story or topic.  The rotator is used to highlight different aspects of one thing.

Hope this helps.

15 Jun 2011 - 4:19pm
Shilpi Joshi

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your suggestions on the rotating banner. The concerns you have raised are certainly valid that a certain (%) of our viewers can miss some important contents.

And very true, when we design to appeal to a broad spectrum of viewers we certainly have to understand their varied mindset. Some have the patience to wait for the rotator cycle while others might skip it.

One solution to this was offered as small numbered boxed at the bottom of the rotating banner where the viewers can click to land on desired rotating banner page directly. We will definitley keep the concern in mind and see how the solution suggested would mitigate it.

Thanks again for your inputs.

Have a great day.


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