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2 Jun 2011 - 7:24am
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Frank Long
2009 is an established UX Design Consultancy working for an international client base. Our work is varied and challenging, including Web, Software, Product Interface and Out of Box Experience. We are looking for an experienced UX design manager to join our team.

The role will define overall design solutions for clients, delivering Interaction design on projects and working alongside the visual and implementation team within This role will also include a lot of client face time and project management.

We are looking for someone with 6 years+ professional experience who is comfortable managing projects and client requirements as well as designing exceptional user interfaces.


Required Skills:

You can demonstrate strong project management skills - Taking projects from start to successful conclusion - ensure everything happens when its supposed to and is delivered on-time.

You are great dealing with clients  - Our's range from small start-ups to multinationals - each have unique requirements, but all have high standards.

Excellent presentation skills - From initial pitch meetings through to board-level presentations you will need top-notch communication skills (both written and verbal).

Interaction design and problem solving - You are passionate about design and can show us great work samples including wireframes, finished interfaces and live project work that you have completed.

Good technical know-how - Our design briefs can be extremely challenging so an ability to understand complex problems and to create working solutions is a must.

This is a serious opportunity to join an established consultancy with fantastic career potential for the right candidate. The role is Dublin based.


If you are interested - please send your CV and digital work samples to


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