Research into Service Design in Norway

28 Apr 2011 - 2:45am
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Simon Clatworthy

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design has been working with Service Design for several years now, and has built up a small group of researchers and practitioners. We have now been awarded considerable research funding as partners in the Centre for Service Innovation in Norway, and have responsibility for work within the area of 'Brand and Customer Experience'. This will have an 8 year duration.

We are looking to extend our network, recruit PhD students and find partners for collaboration. At this stage, we have two PhD positions open (look here and are looking at other options for developing a design-based approach to Service Innovation. One option we are exploring is the designer in residence idea, and short term guest designers.

My understanding of Service Design is that it made rapid strides in methods and processes about 7 years ago, and has stagnated a little since then. I would like to push past the post-its and develop some new approaches, but at this stage, don't know exactly what these would be. (I am not criticizing Service Design here and there is still huge potential in infusing these methods into companies and practice - I would just like to go further)

This mail is to flag our interest in developing contacts within the field. If anyone is interested, please get in touch.



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