Keyboards vs Joysticks

27 Apr 2011 - 4:05pm
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Earlier today an article appeared on Slashdot discussing "roguelike" games. The article subject itself isn't important, but the discussion it sparked was interesting. Because roguelike games use keyboard controls, a lot of posts were made regarding the superiority of keyboards over joysticks and other controllers. Personally, I can't stand keyboard controls. I get the value it offers with control options, but I've always found their use very awkward for anything beyond, say, adventure games (the old ones) or interactive fiction. Whar about those of you who make games? What are your thoughts?


27 May 2011 - 3:56pm
Christopher Rider

This discussion comes across Slashdot in various disguises with some regularity. Last time it was the console vs. PC flavor, but it's basically an analog of the CLI vs. GUI problem.

The gist if the discussion is essentially this: Keyboards are a very efficient gaming control system with a very steep learning curve. For a highly motivated user (e.g. a hard-core gamer) it's going to be better than a dedicated control pad. For a casual user, however, the guessability of a dedicated controller is important.

I, for one, find a controller with more than two buttons to be about as intuitive as an astrolabe. But I play console games about an hour per year.

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