Open call to be the Interaction|13 Chair

29 Mar 2011 - 11:40am
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IxDA Board of D...

The IxDA Board of Directors is pleased to put out our first open call for Chair of the Interaction|13 conference, to be held in North America in February of 2013.  Applications of interest are due by 24 April, 2011, 11:59 PM EST.  We will let you know by 15 May, 2011.

Nominate yourself or someone else:

We are excited to open up this role as another way the community can be involved in shaping the Interaction conference and in IxDA leadership.  Historically at least one Chair for each Interaction conference has been a sitting director on the IxDA Board of Directors.  While this has afforded us great ease in filling the role with trusted colleagues and leaders, it is time to allow others the opportunity to take on this leadership position.

You will be required to name a Co-Chair to work with you. We leave this choice to you as you must have flexibility to find the right partner on this challenging project.

Interaction|13 will be held in North America in 2013. We will be putting out an open call for location nominations within North America In May 2011.  The Chair will be selected prior to the location call, allowing all interested locations to know who is leading the way.  The Chair, along with a small review team, will submit the recommended location, along with a second back-up location, to the Board of Directors for confirmation in August 2011.

As a part of your (and your Co-Chair's) role, IxDA will fly and accomodate your stay at Interaction|12 in Dublin in February 2012, where you will be launching the location for Interaction|13.

Are you interested? Or is there someone you'd like to suggest we contact? Let us know:

Process of application

1.  Review the outline of Chair responsibilities:
2.  Provide your contact information and a brief response about your vision and interest (or nominate someone you feel would be a strong candidate and we'll reach out to them).
3.  We will send you the conference principles for review, outlining things such as important dates, location requirements, suggested committee structures and planning requirements.
4.  We will request further information and conversations from you as necessary to understand your position.
5.  We will let you know by 15 May, 2011 who has been selected as Chair.

Any questions? Contact janna.devylder (at)

Thank you for your consideration.

Janna DeVylder
President, IxDA

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