What is the problem worth studying in location-based services?

15 Mar 2011 - 10:50am
5 years ago
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I am a senior student. Recently, I need to decide my thesis topics. I am intrested in location-based services (LBS). So, I need to know the problems you have ever encountered about LBS applications such as foursquare gowalla and so on. And it will be better if the problem belongs to user reseach. If you have some questions or suggestions, show me. Thanks.


17 Mar 2011 - 12:27am
Paul Bryan

Some questions off the top of my head:

What leads to awareness and adoption?

How does adoption vary by age and HHI today, and how will it vary in the next two years?

How can loyalty be developed so that companies can use relationships to rise above the noise?

How should LBS vary by device, i.e. do you need separate tablet and phone UX?

Should communities build their own LBS, or rely on international behemoths like FB, Google?

Will FB the de facto way for people to share LBS, or will thematic virtual communities develop?

What is the role of a venue in LBS? Is it merely submitting ads or coupons, or is their a content and event focus that would be more successful?

Good luck!


17 Mar 2011 - 2:45pm
Sean Gerety

Remember that LBS is not just about socail applications like Foursquare and Facebook Places.  Judical, Healthcare, Traffic and Census all have very interesting scenarios around LBS.


21 Mar 2011 - 2:15pm
Diana Wynne

I think privacy (and attitudes toward private versus public user data) is a crucial topic related to location-based services, and can be investigated in a variety of different application scenarios.  


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