Design guidelines for an interactive whiteboard

20 Feb 2011 - 7:46am
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Hey everyone,

Recently I was asked to help design an interactive whiteboard application for the classroom. it is going to be a playful educative application about the basics of music production. The teacher is going to use it mostly, but the children also have to use it in some cases. One of the core teaching methods is collaboration.

My question is if there are any guidelines how to design such an application? The do's and don'ts? It also would be great if someone knows some good examples.

I have designed for (large) touchscreens in the past, but I suspect the interaction with a whiteboard is different. Like the use of interactive pens, rollovers and drag & drop. At the moment we are in an early stage of development, and we don't have an interactive whiteboard yet. I'm designing the basic interactions of the interface and I want to avoid that I have to revert a lot of decisions. 

Thanks in advance!

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