New UX Certificate Program at Cal State Fullerton

2 Feb 2011 - 4:01pm
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Hilary Bienstock

Hello, everyone,

Just wanted to send out some information about a new educational opportunity in the LA area:

Cal State Fullerton is starting a certificate program in UX.  Courses in this program would take place on Saturdays at their Garden Grove facility; at the end of all six courses, you would be granted a certificate in UX.  You could also take the courses individually simply to gain knowledge (4 of the 6 have no prerequisites).  This would be a great program for someone who has a background in another field and wants to learn more about UX, or someone who finds that they need a formal education in UX to get the types of jobs they want. I personally am really excited about the program because it gives a rigorous background in some of the academic foundations that you wouldn't be able to learn on the job.  I'm also really impressed with the quality of the other instructors, some of whom have been in the field since the very beginning, and all of whom have years of experience and airtight academic credentials.  (Full disclosure: I will be one of the program's instructors :)

For more information, see  You can also contact Oscar Machado <omachado@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU> for details on the academics, or Mimi Lawson <mlawson@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU> for administrative information.  The first course starts on February 12, so if you're interested, act now!

Here's what the flyer says:

Become an Expert in User-Centered Design and Usability

User Experience (UX) has emerged as one of the fastest growing specializations in today’s business
world. Because user-centered design and usability is sought for web or mobile applications, personal
computers, devices and other products there is a significant demand for knowledgeable professionals
to work in UX careers – and, at sizable salaries. Organizations are recognizing the value of investing
in user-centered design and usability testing methods to gain competitive advantages and increase
profitability as well as customer loyalty.

Professional Development Certificate: User Experience and Usability

Cal State Fullerton’s program consists of six required classes designed to give participants an
applied understanding of the concepts, practical knowledge and skills necessary for user-centered
design and usability testing. Courses are offered on Saturdays at our Garden Grove campus and are
easily completed in two semesters.

Hands-on training is especially beneficial for Business Analysts and Consultants, Business Intelligence/Web Analytics Professionals,
Customer Relationship Management Practitioners, Decision-makers and Managers, Human Factors Practitioners and more.
This program, unlike others, stresses the value, significance and application of cross-disciplinary user-related research and usability methods
as well as user-centered design principles in a well-balanced presentation. In addition, the program examines User Experience not only for the
digital realm but also in critical product design, such as medical devices and other applications. Program participants will come away from the
certificate with a well-rounded foundation in User Experience and directly applicable skills that can immediately benefit their careers—and their
employers’ User Experience practice.

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