USID2010 Conference Highlights

10 Dec 2010 - 2:10am
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Dear All,


When we started USID Foundation 5 years back, we imagined a forum for fresh content, new conversations, and serendipitous connections within the business, innovation, and design community in India and globally.

With the commencement of USID 2010, I think like we have taken some major steps towards that goal and I am very happy to share with you some key highlights of USID 2010 conference.


Day 1 Highlights:


Day 2 Highlights:


Day  3 Highlights:


Closing Event Highlights:


USID2010 was attended by around 150+ participants representing 50+ organizations including, MicroSoft, MicroSoft Research, Google, CA Technologies, Intuit, Yahoo, Oracle, Nokia, Adobe, Coral, Samsung, LG, Infosys, IBM, TCS, Macfee, Keane, PayPal, Philips, Cordys, Times Online, MakeMy, Direct I, Future Brands, and many more.


USID2010 conference was sponsor by Intuit India, SMI, Yahoo India R&D, MakeMyTrip,.com, Microsoft Research India, Google India, USERLabAsia and was supported by UPA, China & CA Technologies.


I'm also happy to share that USID will be celebrating its 5 year anniversary event from April 2011 to March 2011 and we would like to invite all of you to be part of our forthcoming events. We believe that your participation will not only help in making these events more valuable and successful but will also help the overall design community of India to make a design as an enabler of social change.

Feel free to send us your ideas, inputs, feedback, suggestions to us at or feel free to call us up at +91 9866237620


I leave you with some feedback we have received





Thanks a million for everything – especially for having invited me and for being such a good host.  I learned a huge amount and it was an honor to be asked. 

Bill Buxton

Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research


I wish to congratulate you on your organizational acumen. Having organized several meetings and conferences in my long career with the United Nations, I know how hard it is to convene such an event. Mine is, therefore, an honest appreciation of your competence. Under your fine leadership, USID Foundation is sure to grow from strength to strength.

Dr. Yogesh Atal

Eminent Sociologist & Anthropologist


I had a fabulous time at USID 2010, and thanks for organising another great event; and most importantly, the wonderful hospitality and warmth that you and your team showered on everyone - in the highest traditions of India's Atithi Deivo Bhava ethos. The intense interaction and learning that happens at the events you organize are in stark contrast to the typical events I have attended in India; there is much that so-called 'Event Planners' in India can learn ….

Dr. Murli Nagasundram

Head, Learning Innovation, Manipal Universal Learning


Thanks for a great conference. I really enjoyed being a part of it. I would like to see how CKS can support USID activities in the future. Let's find the ways……. make that happen.

Aditya Dev Sood

Founder and President, Center for Knowledge Societies


On behalf of MakeMyTrip team would like to thank you and your redoubtable team for making USID2010 event a great success this year too. All attendees from MakeMyTrip had great experience and learning at this event with opportunity to listen to great speakers from the industry sharing their insights on ‘Designing Consumer Experiences for emerging Markets’. Looking forward for future events in Delhi/Gurgaon region and MMT’s participation in same!!!

Dushyant Arora

Senior Manager, User Experience,


Congratulations on a splendid conference. I am sure you and your team have worked very hard to make this a success and that effort has truly bore fruits. The finale Kathakali performance was really the icing on the cake. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions from eminent speakers like Bill Buxton, Prof. Atal, Prof. Ranjan, Warren Greving and Paul Nervoort. ……

Dr. Ajay Kolhatkar, PhD

Future Web Research Lab, SETLabs, Infosys Technologies Limited


Have heard great things about the conference from those who attended (and from Kunal even prior). Look forward to developing awesome experiences for the emerging markets (wish I were there!).

Amit Somani

Chief Product Officer,


It was great ….. thanks for all the help and arrangements that you navigated so well, despite many being last minute!

Deepa Bachu

Offering & Group Leader, Emerging Market Innovation, Intuit India


Thanks a lot for creating and nurturing such a wonderful event… I had a great time attending the conference….I was overawed when listening to the diverse talks…… It was also a great opportunity to see what the student community was up to……gurukul was an excellent idea which brought in students and gurus from diverse fields together which enabled them to create a mosaic which no individual could form. I would be thrilled if I get a chance to be a student at such a gurukul. At the end of the 3 day presentation I was sad that the event was over…..In the end when I came back to Bangalore there was a spring in my step with the confidence I gained and the childlike enthusiasm rekindled. I look forward to many more interactions with you and USID.

Sridhar Surpanini,

Software Architect and an aspiring Interaction Designer, MR, Philips Healthcare


Kudos to you and your team for a putting up a fantastic show.

Nishant Jain

CEO, Design For Use


I must say I learnt quite a few things from this conference. I would like to contribute to this conference in a way you think best.

Harshit Desai

Chief Experience Officer, PURE IT - Usability Research




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