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7 Dec 2010 - 5:29am
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Hi there,

I'm currently reviewing a telco online shopping website and I'm faced with several issues here.

Triple play or quadruple play offers (mobile, fixed line, iPTV, internet) seem quite difficult to offer via online buying. Bundles indeed request early customer private data to check availablity of the services for the customer at his location, request the customer to configure all of the bundle (eg: phone model, broadband type, modem, options, tv channels, etc.), which turns to be very complex. Not to mention it is almost impossible to have the customer shop as a guest in this case (or what do you think?)

So would one of you have any tip, report, benchmark, or the like on triple-play online experience to share ?

What would you expect as logical steps in the shopping experience ?

I would suggest :

1) Select bundle of your choice

2) Enter address OR phone number to check availability

3) Configure your bundle OR Add to Cart ? (if configure, price would change accordingly before adding to cart, which seems weird while adding to cart and then only configure seems better to me)

4) Add to Cart or configure your bundle (see above)

5) Proceed to checkout

Display checkout stages

1) Contact & billing info

2) Shipping and Installation

3) Confirm shopping basket


- When (what's the best place) to identify customers to check availability ?

- How would it be possible to allow "guests" to proceed to checkout ?

- How to show the various stages before checkout ?


Thanks for your feedback

Ivan Vandervaeren


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