interaction design training in Montreal?

9 Nov 2010 - 11:02pm
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Hi all,

I have been scouring these forums for a few days looking for school/training to start a career in interaction design. I graduated from a computer science degree and have been working as a developer (web, app you name it) for the past 5 years. From all the threads I found, there seems to be only three schools that offers a graduate program in that field: University of Toronto, Carleton University and Simon Frasier University. Are there any schools (like centre NAD) where I can get some training?

Furthermore, the programs at UofT, Carleton and sfu seems to be "research oriented", ie you need to have a supervisor. Are there other schools (in Montreal or Canada) that offers training that is similar to the Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch NYU? 

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