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9 Nov 2010 - 8:19pm
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USID Foundation

  4th India International Conference on UX, Design & Innovation

18th to 20th November, Hyderabad  International Convention Centre, Novotel, Hyderabad, INDIA


The list of speakers who will be presenting at the USID2010 includes:

1.        Bill Buxton  - Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research, Canada
Keynote Topic:  Designing for the Natural in Emerging Markets

2.        Santosh Desai - Managing Director  & CEO, Future Brands, India
Topic: The Whistling Pressure Cooker-Understanding the Indian context

3.        Dr. Per Kristian (Kris) Helvorsen -  SVP & Chief Innovation Officer, Intuit USA
Topic: Intuit in India, for India: Innovation for Emerging Markets

4.        Paul Neervoort, Lead, User experience, Philips Design, The Netherlands
Topic: Emerging Markets, What Emerging Markets?

5.        Warren Greving, Director, Sristhi Labs, India
Topic: The Road to 2050 – Signposts

6.        Younghee Jung, Research Leader, Nokia Research Center, India
Topic: Familiar Unfamiliarity: An Attitude to Approach the New Horizons

7.        Dr. Murli Nagasunadram – Head EduNxt Manipal Universal Learning, India
Topic: Effectively communicate your innovation ideas

8.        Dr. Aditya Dev Sood - Founder and CEO of the Center for Knowledge Societies
Topic: Innovation for Users & Innovation by Users: Cases from India, China & …

9.        Sudhir Kumar Sharma – Chief Executive, Indi Design, India
Topic: Experience Builds Expectations

10.     Sree Unnikrishnan – Head User Experience- Google India
Topic: Act Local, Imp-Act Global

11.     Kaushal Sarda – Chief Evangelist, Kuliza Technologies
Topic: Game mechanics and the science of community driven innovation

12.     Dr. Yogesh Atal – Eminent Sociologist & Anthropologist  
Topic: Changing Orientation to Change


13.     Asim Waqif - Architect & Installation Artist, Faculty at School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi
Topic: Isolation of the User from Contemporary Design Practice

Many More…

 Bill Buxton

Santosh Desai

Dr. Per Kristian (Kris) Helvorsen

Paul Neervoort

Sudhir K. Sharma

Aditya Dev Sood

Younghee Jung

Warren Greving

Dr. Murli Nagasunadram

Sree Unnikrishnan

Dr. Yogesh Atal



Kaushal Sarda

Asim Waqif


Emerging markets including India, Brazil, China and increasingly Africa represent not only the     largest potential consumer markets, they also represent test beds for process, product and design innovation. From the cheapest small car to the largest selling mobile phone, from $2000 world class eye surgeries to micro-finance that brings access to millions of peasants and farmers, from 5 cent product pouches to 5 dollar monthly telecom costs, emerging markets are home today to some very interesting game changing innovations. It is clear to decision makers and businesses alike that the millions of new consumers in emerging markets are not only bootstrapping global demand but also challenging governments and businesses to deliver compelling products and services at clearly differentiated value propositions.

However, for every successful innovation in emerging market, there are thousands of products and services that are unsuccessful not because of their functional or technical limitations but because of flawed assumptions about emerging markets. Life, culture, and context of use for end users in the emerging markets are different to users in mature markets in Western Europe, North America and other parts of the world. Therefore it is not necessary that products which are successful in other parts of the world will also be successful with emerging market consumers.

Given the rapid growth, industrialization, and informationization of emerging economies, it is imperative for corporations, non profits and individuals working on developing products and services to not only be deeply sensitized to the culture, context and user needs of for these markets, but also apply adaptive and iterative innovation methods and to validate and evolve solutions rapidly based on ongoing customer alignment.

USID 2010 will attempt to cover innovation and design for emerging economies from many perspectives. We hope to initiate discussions and dialogues through market makers, field innovators, hands on designers, technologists, creative professionals, students and researchers, public sector entities and other key stakeholders required to foster and sustain ecosystems for innovation. Moving beyond just interface and interaction design and usability, USID 2010 will attempt to span the spectrum of challenges in emerging markets so our participants can learn and apply new insights in their own work and projects.

Conference Events

·         15 Speakers

·         Innovation JAM

·         Academic  Showcase

·         Startup Showcase

·         USID Gurukul 2010

·         Panel Discussions

·         Paper presentations

·         Networking and Fun

·         …

Who should attend?

·         Designers

·         User Experience Professionals

·         Researchers

·         Product Managers

·         Software / QA Engineers

·         Programmers

·         Digital Media professionals

·         Academician & Students

·         Entrepreneurs & Startups


Sponsor & Supporters



For Details visit   WWW.USIDFOUNDATION.ORG  
Or Call Raman +91 9866237620 or Ajay +91 9866553181 (Hyderabad) / Bipin +91 9986091211(Bangalore)





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