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1 Nov 2010 - 6:24pm
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Hi everyone:

I've been pretty silent on the list for the last 6 months. I was working out some issues with my consulting business, but then got a job offer as Lead Developer in the Reese Felts Digital Newsroom at UNC Chapel Hill.

For the past three months, we've been building a new, student run online digital news initiative. In the early conversation, I pitched doing away with a traditional nav that news site have become so reliant on. I know there is a reason for that and it generally works. But, I want to get away from the HuffingtonPost style of vomit as a nav in the header. I think it's just crap and offers no innovation. And yes, I hate the word "innovation," but I'm going to use it for lack of a better thought in my head.

Given the iOS experience of touch screen, my theory is this: as more people get familiar with touch screen technology, navigation will mimic those experiences. We'll get away from traditional nav menu. All the new touch screen devices coming to market, including a touch screen desktop or laptop from Apple, doesn't it make sense to start thinking about this for the web too?

This morning, we launched the site to a lot of feedback from users who were a bit frustrated they couldn't find the nav menu. I agree that the call to action is not very well designed. I know it could be improved while keeping the height of the header intact, but we're not the best at prototyping and creating something that fits the site design, yet has some type of functional feel to note that there is a function is you just press this thing here.

Can anyone show me any examples on my idea on the web and/or sketch out and send me what you think it should look like. Well...that's if you agree with my philosophy.

Since we're a non-profit University led initiative, I'm asking in the interest of community to help out here. I don't expect anyone to jump through hoops, but if you have an idea, I'd love to hear it. Maybe you could even use our GetSatisfaction community page at, where there is already a post and response on the topic. Any ideas, we're all ears.

I'd sincerely appreciate your candid and critical feedback. Thanks!

Best regards,


Tony Zeoli, Lead Developer

Reese Felts Digital Newsroom

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