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1 Nov 2010 - 3:23pm
5 years ago
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Neil Pradhan

Hi all,

Currently we are creating an application that helps users find out the documents they need to complete a particular task. The application gets information from the user and based on the situation of the user the application shows a "Results Page" containing the list of documents required to complete the task. In initial testing we realized that the users didn't read the entire list of documents on the "Results Page". In certain cases the users skipped reading 1-2 documents in a set of 5 documents. Is there any way to provide a "check-off list" type of interaction to ensure that users read through the list? Is there any existing website that I can look into for a similar interaction?



1 Nov 2010 - 4:41pm

I encountered that exact scenario several years ago, and it solved itself when we stopped calling them "documents".

We took all of the required "documents", removed the headers, footers, filler text, etc, moved the body of each into a database, and presented all of the information "inline" in the checklist page.  That simplified the entire experience for people, and "readership" went way up.

We still provided links to the original documents, for each item (we had to, for compliance reasons), but it sure helped people get through the mountain of paperwork in a much more consistent format.

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