Re: [IxDA] Coming soon: IxDA's new job board, powered by Coroflot

29 Oct 2010 - 6:43pm
5 years ago
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Dan Saffer

As a long-time user of this list, I'm going to voice my approval of the Board's decision and say this is a welcome change. This list was never set up to be a job board, as helpful as that is to some. When 10% or more of the posts are job listings, it creates an unacceptable level of noise to be filtered out. And I think we can all agree that the list is quite noisy already. A professional job board like Coroflot allows job seekers to find and filter jobs in a way that we currently as an organization do not have the tools to provide.


Dan Saffer Principal, Kicker Studio


30 Oct 2010 - 12:44am
Adam Korman


Please don't welcome this change based on incorrect info. Of the over 800 posts this month, I'm pretty sure there were just 7 job posts (I may have miscounted by one or two). I'm guessing that you are also subscribed to the jobs list and don't realize it (because there have been a ton of posts there recently).

So, the issue is not that we don't have the tools to filter out the job posts -- these tools have already been built, and the overwhelming majority of job posters abide by the policy of not posting jobs to the discussion list. The real issues with the "noise" of job posts are that (1) people who don't want to see jobs are subscribed to get them, and (2) it should be clearer (maybe with some text in the footer of the messages) why these messages are coming and how to make them stop.

If filtering isn't the real problem, does this change in policy make sense? Is it the best way to raise money and support the needs and interest of the whole community?


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