Writing a new book on Service Design

28 Oct 2010 - 2:30pm
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Andy Polaine

Hi folks - Lou Rosenfeld tried to post this a couple of times, but it seems something is going awry with the list, so I'm doing it on his behalf.

Myself, Ben Reason and Lavrans Løvlie are writing a book on Service Design for Rosenfeld Media. Below is Lou's announcement text, but I'd like to add a few IxDA list specific comments/requests first.

I know opinions about Service Design on this list range from "Yawn! We do it already, it's just a buzzword" to "that's what I want to move into". The three of us have all worked across interaction, (user) experience design and more and we know there is a lot of overlap. We also feel there are several differences to the process and thinking behind service design and that's what we want to put into this book. The issue of sticking a particular label on it isn't a very interesting conversation, but the work and case studies themselves are. 

Whether you see SD as a subset of what you do, or whether what you feel what you do can be seen as one node of SD, you folks are our next of kin along with the UX folks. Obviously we have the book pretty well planned, but we would really like to hear from those interested in the area about what they'd like to see in it. Please let us know either here or on the book's in-progress site/blog.

Here's the announcement from Lou:

During her talk at this month's IDEA ConferenceCindy Chastain referred to Rosenfeld Media's efforts to develop an ecosystem from scratch. While that's not quite right—we've tried to plug gaps within the existing UX ecosystem—we definitely appreciate the need to view people, content, and products and services as part of a holistic, interdependent ecosystem.


So it should be no surprise that we'll be publishing Service Design: Designing useful, usable and desirable services. We're convinced that individual products and services (and designers) succeed when whole systems succeed, and that Andy Polaine, Ben Reason, and Lavrans Løvlie are the right people to show designers how. Andy's quite respected in the UX community for, among other good works, the Designer's Review of Books. Ben and Lavrans help run live|work, the UK firm that's done perhaps the most in evangelizing service design practices.


We can't wait for them to deliver on this promise. And we hope you will help them along by engaging with the authors through discussions on the book-in-progress's web site. You can also check out the book's proposed table of contents and request to be notified when the book is available for sale (do so and you'll not only be the first on your block to know, but you'll also receive a nice discount for your trouble).

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