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19 Oct 2010 - 9:46pm
5 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

that i get some messages but not all the messages. I keep getting stuff about jobs, not the interesting discussions that I see posted on twitter.
I tried the ixda site interface, was confused by the management of the subscriptions interface.....lmao.....



20 Oct 2010 - 7:49am
Dave Malouf

Hi Wendy,

  1. Log in to the web site.
  2. Click on your name
  3. click on "Notifications"
  4. There will be a table of all your subscriptions.
  5. Look for the ones that are "content type". But default there are 2 "Jobs" and "Discussions". Click "edit" next to the one you want to change, or select it and use the drop down at the top of the subscription table and update w/ that.

I hope this helps. If not than there is something else going on. But everything you need to manager your subscriptions is right there.

OR! you can switch from email to RSS (I highly recommend).

-- dave

21 Oct 2010 - 8:25am
Adam Lerner

How do I switch to RSS? I only see Mail in the dropdown menu in notification options (on the subscriptions screen). 

21 Oct 2010 - 7:14pm
Dave Malouf

RSS is run outside of the subscription system. 

On the bottom of every page in the system is a link called "get the feed".

Copy that URL into your fave RSS reader, and use that tool to subscribe.

if you don't know how to use an RSS reader, I suggest you open up Google Reader (http://google.com/reader) and start playing w/ their suggestions and add the IxDA feed for recent discussions right away. Here is the URL:  http://www.ixda.org/discussion/rss.xml

The "Recent" feed only gives you the new topics. It doesn't give you each comment. So what I do is when I find a topic I'm interested in, I subscribe to that thread. It doesn't happen that often that I do it. I've just gotten used to coming to the web site every so often and using the "new comment" count to see the threads I'm interested in and using the "Hot" sorting to see well what's hot.

-- dave

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