Where to send an open letter to the OS-designers at Apple and Microsoft?

7 Oct 2010 - 7:15am
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I've just written an open letter to Apple and Microsoft regarding an annoyance with how their operating systems (OS X and Windows) copies files without paying much attention to users.

Read the letter on my blog Room for improvement.

Now, my problem is to find the right e-mail addresses at Apple and Microsoft to which I should send the letter - preferrably to a designer/manager in the OS X/Windows departments in both companies. I've tried the "Contact us" sections on their websites without much success.

Does anybody here in IxDA know who I should contact in either company?


Asbjørn Floden


7 Oct 2010 - 9:34am
Santiago Bustelo

Hi Asbjørn!

I would like to second that open letter. The only improvement to the way copying files is handled in a GUI since 1984, has been multithreaded copy. So we don't have to wait while the OS is copying a bunch files: we can initiate many processes and see how they fail asynchronously.

That is not the only desktop feature that has not scaled well, though. The trashcan is no longer an appropiate solution for the problem it adresses, as it allows only one level of undo. It was OK in 1983/1984 for Apple’s Lisa and Macintosh handling a handful of files. Today OSes manages tens or hundreds of thousands of files.

My humble suggestion is to "discard" items, hiding them on the file browser, and allowing them to be recovered at any time, until the disk space needs to be reclaimed:


Santiago Bustelo
IxDA Buenos Aires

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