Re: [IxDA] Wireframes. Creative or technical?

4 Oct 2010 - 11:51am
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Benjamin Barnett

Sorry to bring up an old thread ...

But this is an interesting discussion we run into as do all small
businesses competing against larger agencies. We have been
experiencing this force for 12 years+. I would suggest that most
"small business" (freelance / boutique agency) owners would agree at
this stage in the Digital Media business timeline, that this
consolidation / cross-over happened about 6 years ago. We tie this to
the rise of social networks (channels) and the fragmenting of "the
Internet" into multiple, proprietary, networks.

The day of large infrastructure / resource needs for knowledge to be
delivered as a reliable (content) service (on time) is long over. This
includes the tools to build them.

I will say, hiwever, if the $$ is available and such a diverse team
can be put together with a mgmt hierarchy established, the added value
could be ground breaking or a (big budget) bust!

Let's never discount the added value of agility though.

But, anyway, to your point, the exception has always been the
(business) (application) code ;)

Regards, Ben

On Jul 28, 2010, at 11:56 AM, a_interactive

> I have to agree, this is a silly debate. > > The reason I say this that I think we should all be able to do them! > > As someone who has lived in the freelance, small agency world for
> the past 10 years it is quite fascinating to hear all the opinions
> from those in larger groups. I don't want to dismiss the validity of
> those experiences. It sure seems big companies have made
> distinctions in all the functions and processes involve in
> interactive design and development where there really aren't any
> these days. Just look at the job listings. The vast majority of
> savvy companies post for staff that project manage, design, code and
> do IA, IX and UX tasks. New media professionals needs to have these
> skills. It is the new reality. To be honest, I feel that having all
> these functions split up in silos of skills and knowledge is simply
> a waste of resources and a hinderance to successful projects. > > Rich > > PS - I'm in the middle of a short internship at a very large
> corporation helping with all these tasks just so that I can brush up
> on them. Even though the IT and intranet bureaucracy is stifling at
> best, they have made an interesting call putting the much of the UX
> control in the hands of a single usability analyst. At least we can
> affect many of these areas in one small team. The exception is coding. > > (((Please leave all content below this line))) > ________________________________________________________________ > Welcome to the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) Discussion! > Manage Account .......... > Discussion Guidelines .......... > > -- > > View original post: > >

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