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9 Sep 2010 - 8:58am
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On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 8:26 AM, pauric wrote:

> From a ux perspective I cannot wait for more UI of; engaging, active, > predicting, reducing, suggesting.  More of a UI that knows what I want and > works with me to find it / get it / launch it. > > I question what roll an IxD'er has in a design that off-loads so much work > from the User... limited at best?

Not necessarily. Predictive/suggesting/anticipatory UX still needs informed design decisions around what is to be suggested, when, and how. Otherwise the Clippy syndrome will quickly set in. :)


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9 Sep 2010 - 3:06pm
Paul Bryan



I think the move from the Google Suggests to Google Instant is going to have a major impact on e-commerce retailers. In Google Suggests there were 9 search suggestions plus what the user had typed so far. In Google Instant there are only 4 suggestions plus what the user has typed. The shorter list raises the bar for breaking into that top tier of awareness. Also, I think the smaller list greatly intensifies the awareness of each of the terms in the top 4, far more than a strict 4:9 ratio would indicate. As an example, type in "refrigerators." You will see 2 retailers, and the awareness impact for those 2 is much higher than it would be in a list of 9 suggestions in Google Suggests, i.e. greater signal to noise ratio.

Customers click suggested links instead of following their intended path. Arena found that an average of 71% of searches for its clients began by users clicking on answer displayed from Google Suggest. (

If you are retailer 1 or 2, you're probably okay, but if you are 5 or higher, some number of customers who came to the web to find your store in connection with a given category of merchandise will get diverted away to the suggested retailers before they complete their search term entry.

So, a new battlefield for retail user experience has appeared over night.

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9 Sep 2010 - 5:31pm
Santiago Bustelo

Since Google Instant renders the current version of FastestFox non-functional, I realized that on many scenarios involving search results, endless pages (the feature FastestFox provided on Firefox) is far more useful than instant search.

If anyone from Bing is listening, that one was for free ;-)


Santiago Bustelo
IxDA Buenos Aires

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