Ask for help ~What kind of master program of Interaction Design is suitable for me ?

4 Sep 2010 - 10:24pm
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April Liang

 I am now a senior student majored in Biomedical Engineering and I want to apply for  a master program of interaction design or HCI beginning in 2011, fall.

  As my major is biomedical engineering, I am especially interested in the field of how to apply the design methods into the health care and fitness products or applications.(For example , to design some system or things to motivate the busy citizens  to  pay more care to their health condition or to persuade people to live a healthy life  ) Do any  master program provide research or projects in this specialization ?  In addition, I have interest in application of design methods in education. 

 I have little background of design  and my programming ability is not good , so the program that requires high level in art design or  programing will not be my choice. The access to  scholarship or financial aids is also very important to me. 


 Welcome anyone to share the related information :)  

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