Debate launces because of latest Medal of Honor video game

2 Sep 2010 - 2:45am
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The video game series "Medal of Honor" has been in need of a reboot after a successful run. Nevertheless, the newest video game in the series has ignited some fiery debate. The games are set in World War II, as a first person shooter. This could be the first not set in that war. Though not new to video games as a whole, the new "Medal of Honor" is set in Afghanistan. In multi-player mode, gamers can be either coalition forces (United States of America, U.K., etc.) or the Taliban in "Medal of Honor 2010." The video game is opposed through numerous. One of its most vocal opponents is Liam Fox, the Secretary of Defense for the United Kingdom. Source of article - Latest installment of Medal of Honor stirs controversy by Personal Money Store.

Game selling opposed by Fox

The Defense Secretary for Good Britain (British English spells "defense" with a "c"), Fox, has required a bar of the video game. He opposes the selling of the video game through retailers, as outlined by The Guardian, and doesn't think any person should buy it. The opposition to the game is because of the multiplayer mode. Players can choose to be either US or UK characters, or the Taliban. You will find others who oppose the video game. It would seem sacrilegious to shoot at American or British troops, even in an online gaming pretend reality. Other games, for instance those in the "Call of Duty" series took place in Iraq and Afghanistan. Seems like unfortunately like an inevitability that this would be in a video gaming.

Electronic Arts responds

The game is by Electronic Arts, and this version of "Medal of Honor" is the first not to take place in World War II. A PR Representative, according to AOL News, from EA, likened the roles in the video game to child's play. Police are opposed through criminals, cowboys must contend with Indians and their own weak offenses in the post season, and within the game, "someone's gotta be the Taliban." Opponents of the feature highlight that playing as Nazis in previous installments is less harmful, as the second World War is farther removed from the present.

Not really the first video game to employ shock strategies

Every video game controversy has two outcomes. An excellent deal of individuals decrying the game precedes massive sales, and just remember what happened with "Mortal Kombat" and "Grand Theft Auto" if you want an example. As far as the controversial component; it unfortunately seems inevitable. The first "Medal of Honor," which was partially created through Steven Spielberg, also featured multiplayer characters that were interesting. William Shakespeare and a German Shepherd were un-lockable characters, as was a Velociraptor from "Jurassic Park". This is, after all, the series where dinosaurs kill Nazis.

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