SXSW Panel: UX Feedback Through Social Media

19 Aug 2010 - 6:42pm
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Jessica Petersen

SXSW Panel: UX Feedback Through Social Media

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UX Feedback Through Social Media
Jessica Petersen
Experience Designer with Adobe

Users often discuss the experiences they are having with your products through social media products. This session will teach you both how to gather & appropriately act on the wealth of feedback you receive. This session is intended for User Experience professionals who already have a basic understanding of how to use social media. It will enable you to add to your knowledge by showing you how to utilize it as a business tool.

Questions Answered:

  1. Why would I use social media to gather feedback?
  2. How do I appropriately evaluate feedback received from social media avenues?
  3. Which social media avenues are the best for my needs?
  4. How do I dig deeper into the feedback I receive?
  5. How will the feedback lead me to understanding my personas better & help facilitate appropriate usability testing?

About Me:
I currently collect feedback for the Adobe Online Marketing Suite through the twitter account @OmnitureUXD. That feedback is then utilized to better the experience of the product through various methods which I will outline in my presentation.

I also have extensive experience organizing User Experience related events locally through the use of social media avenues such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

I hope to see you at SXSW next year!

Jessica Petersen
Experience Designer
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