State of Profession and the # of jobs out there

12 Aug 2010 - 6:37pm
6 years ago
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Greg Petroff

So I am hiring...I reach out to my personal network to recruit and the response is they are trying to hire me. It's a good thing and if you look at the Job Board it's amazing what opportunities are out there right now in certain areas. Bay Area especially is hot.

But it brings up Jared's question from the Interaction09|vancouver  conference, "Where are the next 10,000 ixd's going to come from?" 

Competing for talent right now looks like it's going to be really really difficult. After reading some of the many posts in the job board I am struck by the lack of a shared understanding of how beginning, intermediate, mid career, design management, etc. experience is described. I also see a focus on the skills needed over what the problems are or why company x would be interesting to work for. They all also seem to have similar skill needs when I know by practice and position many of these companies are radically different.

To help all the recruiters out there...What are the flavors of ixd roles? Can we get them to talk more about what types work will be done in the position, etc. In Architecture, where i come from originally there are different types of Architects, a project Architect, a design Architect... Do we have notions of  where people are in the spectrum of practice on interaction design?

  • The designer's designer...
  • The documentation guru
  • the generalist
  • the boutique artist
  • the social computing expert...
  • the strategist
  • the maker
  • the researcher
  • fill in the blanks.....




13 Aug 2010 - 10:20pm
Andrew Otwell

I don't think recruiters have a great understanding of the nuances between these roles; I don't think most IxDs do either. Perhaps it would be helpful for recruiters to write in more detail about the projects, products, and teams they're recruiting for, and what sort of values are important to the company they're hiring for. 

14 Aug 2010 - 9:39am

I think this is an important discussion, but it leaves out a key element in the opportunities that I am seeing in my area. That is the consolidation of positions; UX jobs requiring CS5 excellence, IxD jobs requiring SEO or analytics experience, AD jobs requiring advanced prototyping or development skills. In my experience, wearing all these hats is unrealistic and something usually has to give - the end product. Over time I suspect that businesses (and teams/departments) built this way, encounter difficult challenges from business growth or personal satisfaction.

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