[COMMERCIAL] Acquia seeks designers to participate in usability test of beta product

10 Aug 2010 - 2:13pm
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Your experience matches what we're looking for to do some usability testing and we'd like to request 60 minutes of your time to review a product being developed by Acquia.  We'll do this online at your convenience.  We will be testing throughout August and September.  Another way to participate is to follow us on Twitter @drupalsgardens. We send a broadcast tweet when we are testing and you can jump in when you're free.

If you are interested, please contact:

Catherine Seo
Usability Testing Team
978.296.5250 x8027 or toll free 888.922.7842 x8027

Product description

You can build a beautiful website in a fraction of the usual time and cost by using Drupal Gradens. Drupal Gardens is a new service provided by Acquia that gives you a powerful content management system as a hosted service equipped with a site design tool and a wide set of features like multi-user blogging, commenting, forums, user management, and other site building and social features. The service is in beta and is free for the rest of 2010.


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