Re: [IxDA] Wireframes and prototypes: a waste of time?

4 Aug 2010 - 8:13am
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Stew Dean

Hi Nancy,
It's not unusual for developers just to want a functional specification to build from, that's what they need.  BUT wireframes are functional specifications most of the time (if highly detailed). Prototypes are useful for all kinds of things but if you throwing stuff over the wall they're a supporting output not the core out put.
A word document with annotated diagrams explaining what happens if button A is pressed is essentially the same thing as a fully annotated wireframe but displayed differently. 
If you have final designs then you can swap out the designs for the wireframes for the devs and annote those - but then if you're waiting for the designs to be done before development starts then maybe the company is not moving as fast as it could.
And I agree good visual/interaction designers working with a user experience designer will often add something new rather than colouring in the boxes and there is normally a healthy degree of overlap between the two areas. 
The fight between the engineering mind set and the architectural mindset will always happen  around the world, especially in large (and small) dysfunctional companies.
Stew Dean

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