Startup Curious in Seattle?

30 Jul 2010 - 4:12pm
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Have you ever thought, "Long-term stability is great, but to really live means succumbing to that unbridled passion deep within your soul and creating something incredible?" Have you ever wanted to experiment, perhaps outside your full-time LTR? Are you startup curious? 

I've been out about my startup desires for a couple years now and I'm looking for a partner, if only just part-time to start. 

I'm putting together a new startup here in Seattle where UX will play a pivotal role. While I've started companies before, and am a competent developer, I want to make IxD a first-class citizen and work with someone who can make our website intensely fun & enjoyable to interact with. 

Me: former softee, founder of
Nimbus Health, founder of PicTranslator and founder of this as-yet-unnamed startup that has little to do with our previous endeavors (but which I'd be happy to tell you about). 

You: creative IxD & graphic designer with a portfolio and a passion for creating new, evocative, and engaging experiences. 

If you are startup curious, or know someone else who might be, don't be shy. Doesn't have to be forever, we can just experiment and see where it goes. 

Happy to meet for long as it's in a public setting. 

Justin -

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