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23 Jul 2010 - 4:58pm
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I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing frustration at the vast array of job titles, job descriptions, and even more so, the way interviews are simply "wierd." I have had screening interviews with HR people who do not speak the language of any profession and they are going to communicate my answer back to the manager. I am finding the HR will email me with further questions, of couse this is two months after the inital phone screen, and the anwer to the question is so obvious from the resume. No one seems able to read and extrapolate data from a resume, not even managers.  I am finding myself stumped in phone interviews when they ask such basic questions; I am totally dumbfounded becuase I think we are going to have an intellectual discussion beyond the basics, more about theory demonstrated through practice (that is why we have samples and portfolios?). And so I totally blow the interview. I feel I need to "dumb it down." Or how about when you finally do speak with a manager, she presents a negative picture of the job with such a condescending attitude, that I am not interested in fighting for it. I can do the job and have a great, positive can-do attitude. By why would I want to work for a negative manager? And lastly, people do not even read your resume. Or how about the manger who says I don't meet basic qualifications becasue I am not a programmer. Often I feel overqualified for many of the positions I apply for---this is not rocket science (no offense to anyone).

Does anyone have any insight to what is going on these days? Thanks. I need to rethink my strategy on these interviews.

:) Maureen


26 Jul 2010 - 6:41am
Lee Andrese

You're not alone Maureen. 

Do not work for a manager that you don't feel represents the company or the position well. And don't be afraid to ask the hiring manager why they are so negative about the position. Inquire about turnover, their level of frustration, etc. Be discerning.

My suggestion is to talk with hiring managers, then work with HR to complete the process. 

Maureen, you may want to consider contracting, either on your own or thru an agent. If represented well, you'll be able to get into companies that you might not have been able to otherwise. It'll give you and them an opportunity to work on a couple of projects together before you decide to go f/t. Be as selective about who's representing you as you are of the company you work with. 

Everyone's feeling it, whatever it is, during these interesting economic times. 

26 Jul 2010 - 2:05pm

The job market is a little crazy these days. I think there's a bit of fear in the air and hiring managers are trying to hire the best people they possibly can while they have an opening. That takes them into uncharted territory and you get the symptoms you're talking about. And our field is still a bit of a black sheep in the industry, which exacerbates things.

Hang in there. Don't dumb it down! Present yourself genuinely and openly.. a good manager (i.e. someone you might actually want to work for) will pick up on your true character.

Good luck!

Jackson D. Carson

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