phd programs in the portland area...any advice?

13 Jul 2010 - 4:56pm
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Hello group my name is Justin, and i'll be moving to Portland soon to work as an adjunct professor of Digital Media at WSU-Vancouver.

I'm going to be pursuing a PhD starting next year and I'm having a bit of trouble choosing schools. I am considering schools in Oregon and Washington primarily, but would prefer to study in Portland. My background is all over media with some research...print, tv, online journalism/education/database mgmt and the like. I recently completed my MS in Information and Communication Science.

Interaction systems design and usability testing are my specializations that I'm hoping to study further at the PhD level.

One main problem is deciding how ID/UX fits into the PhD programs in the area. Portland State University has a Systems Design program that would let me focus my coursework on ID/UX...I think...

Another issue is with the Computer Science programs. I am not a programmer but I work with them and understand the foundations of programming theory and have some limited hands-on work with all the web languages (except flash). I do not know how much programming skill I am expected to have as an applicant.

Any general advice or help with my specific questions is greatly appreciated. Love the Portland area...looking forward to moving.

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