Google's New "Reasonable Surfer" patent - Thoughts?

6 Jul 2010 - 1:23pm
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Jennifer Wolfgang

Hi all -

I've been working on implementing a better footer implementation for our website, particularly a "fat" or "detailed' footer, depending on how you like to term these. Working with our in-house SEO/SEM manager and my own UX manager, we are trying to keep it short and sweet, mostly using it as a way to accomplish both improved SEO and a method to link to deeper and more important pages that our [poorly designed] primary navigation, home page, and section front door pages allow. (Yes, I am aware that the root issue lay in better designing these latter elements, but that is unfortunately likely not to happen in my lifetime.)

Anyway, our SEO/SEM manager found the following posts regarding Google's new "Reasonable Surfer" patent. I'm curious what you all think about it and what you feel the implications may be for us in IxD/UxD.

One item that stuck out to me is that regarding the notion that "the fold" plays a role in determining relevance/weight of a link. It unnerves me to think that all this effort we've put in to debunking the concept of the fold as a determiner of relevance may be for naught if Google's new algorithm seeks to assign weight/relevance based on position on the page. Though, perhaps I need to spend more time reading the details.

SEO Implications of Google's "Reasonable Surfer" Patent

Google's Reasonable Surfer...


8 Jul 2010 - 10:18am

Interesting. As a metric for ranking links, I think this idea makes sense. But I wonder if this idea should be a patent.  

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