Re: [IxDA] MA Design for Interactive Media at Middlesex

22 Jun 2010 - 4:14pm
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Philipp Schroeder

Hi Rafael,

Rafael wrote: > Hi Philipp, > I got an offer from Middlesex and I wonder how good is the program > because all they say it's customized. > Are the tutors really good? The equipment and course quality really > worth the money? > I'm a interaction designer with 7 years of experience and got another > offer from city university (Human centred system) but isn't creative > like MA design. > > Can you say something like cons / pro? > I Appreciate your help. > Kind Regards, > Rafael > > This MA course was the best year of education I ever had.

I can't tell you much about the current course program, since I graduated 9 years ago. Things will have changed.

However I suspect some aspects won't have changed. Most important are perhaps the people. Some of the core lecturers are still the same. They have been immersed in the interaction design field for a long time now and a great depth of knowledge. Also, they were the most supportive and helpful teachers I ever had.

Your experience will also largely depend on the composition of your particular year - i.e. fellow students. In my year, we had a very diverse group of people from different backgrounds. There was an atmosphere of sharing thoughts and insights openly and helping each other to everyone's best ability / with their special skills.

As for the course program, the focus was on creative project work - learning by doing. I enjoyed the interdisciplinary team work tremendously. The emphasis was on concepts and exploratory creative work. The course was more about design principles and prototyping (scripting basics, tools for prototyping) rather than "industry skills". More on the artistic / conceptual / academic side, rather than on the commercial side of things...

You say you have 7 years of experience as an interaction designer. I'm curious - what do you expect to get out of a MA course?

Best regards, Philipp

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