IxDA Site Updates and some issues we need to decide on

20 Jun 2010 - 9:08am
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Matt Nish-Lapidus

Hi Everybody,

This is a quick update on the ongoing IxDA.org and mailing list issues.  For those that missed the board blog post (most of you) there is now an issue tracker at tracker.ixda.org.  You can view all the issues, features, and other stuff we're working on there.  If you have an issue or feature request to submit please use the Get Satisfaction "Feedback" tab on the side of the site.

Specific issues:

1. Out of office replies

A couple weeks ago we rolled out and update to our email headers intended to try and resolve this issue, however it looks like it didn't completely fix it.  The number of out of office replies has decreased, but some still get sent out.

When we first launched the new site one of the big requests was to change the "From" address to the original poster, the way it was on our old mailman list. The result of that is that now all the out of office replies go directly to the original poster. We've tried a number of fixes in the email headers to try and match mailman headers, but it hasn't worked well enough. The only idea I have left is to change the "From" address back to one that we can control and filter, thus removing the original poster's address. 

This would reintroduce the state that a lot of people were unhappy with, namely that you won't have the email address of the sender to reply directly to them. One possibility is to put the sender's address in the email message body somewhere, like Basecamp does.

2. Spam

We have implemented a new moderation queue to help eliminate spam on the site. Starting a couple weeks ago all new users will have their posts moderated by one of our volunteers until we know they are a legitimate user. At that point we move them to the approved user role and they can post without moderation.

3. Site UI and flow problems

There are many places where the usability and general design of the site could be improved. We capturing these as much as we can, but lack the development resources to make a lot of the changes. We're looking for volunteer developers with Drupal experience that can help tackle these UI and flow related issues, if you know any please send them our way :)


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