Suggestions for optimizing UI design for use in bright sunlight on a passive OLED display?

17 Jun 2010 - 6:24pm
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Hi all,

I've done lots of design for use on an LCD of various types, but not OLEDs. We're looking at a device that uses a 1.8" passive OLED color screen. When you take it outside to view in sunlight, the text and graphics are very difficult to see. On a different product using an active matrix LCD, I've provided the option of switching from a color-on-black-background display to a black-on-white display. This greatly improves the daylight viewability of that display. Since the technology is so different for an OLED, I'm wondering if anyone else has successfully tried something similar on a passive OLED.

Switching to a different display technology doesn't seem to be an option :-(

Thanks for any suggestions,


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