Simulate high resolution display (e.g. a videowall)

11 Jun 2010 - 9:49am
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Rutger van Dijk


We're currently developing an application which (just one of the features) shows a interactive map on a videowall.

This videowall has a very high resolution but is constructed out of pretty old displays/tubes. Together these displays form a high resolution; I don't know the resolution exactly, but starting Microsoft Word shows a small window in the upper left corner of the videowall. I will lookup the resolution next week.

Nonetheless we would like to test our application with this high resolution videowall. But we can't visit that location every day because it's a 24x7 control center.

Are there tools available for simulation these videowall resolutions ? Or should we just build one ourselves ?

With regards,

Rutger van Dijk


17 Jun 2010 - 4:27pm

I worked on a project years ago where I dealt with similar issues. I was designing for a Smart board, but didn't have regular access to one.  My first thought was to project onto a wall with a standard projector.  The issue of course was that my body would almost always cover up the spot I  was supposed to be interacting with.

What I did instead was use a plotter to print out the comps at various milestones.  I know the eco-friendly people will hate hearing that, but it really gave me a chance to experience the design in context.  If you don't have a plotter, I would just print your comps at 100% and tape all your 8" x 11" printouts together.

20 Jun 2010 - 12:57pm
Ethan Bond

You could do a rear-projection screen (using a bright projector) and use some sort of infrared camera setup to see the screen "bend" thus showing where you're touching the screen.

I'm pretty sure this is the way a few people were making DIY multitouch displays with a projector, a cardboard box, and a webcam. Software you might want to look into is VVVV. I haven't used it personally, but people use it for all sorts of interactive display stuff.


-Ethan Bond

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