Advice: web based software for knowledge base

7 Jun 2010 - 9:17pm
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Jorge Vergara

I was looking for a web application to share some simple knowledge about the way we solve issues (bugs, small task) in our office. Some of them are very repetitive and every time someone new arrives at the group the same history is told over again. By the way, I'm at the design department.

The programming guys installed a Wiki on our environment but it works only for very static documentation, they are happy with it, but we use it rarely. The syntax for publish a post is unnatural and the workflow is too slow for 20/24 years old twitting designers, so I started looking for other options. I came into Google Groups, wich is very simple and customizable, and is perfect for a fast question/answer scheme. The only backward is that search in GG is broken by now, so I can't look further for GG to be my tool of choice (soon the post count is going to grow so searching is a must).

Does any of you have a suggestion on a software we can use?.

Thank you in advance!

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