Re: [IxDA] Best practices for designing Terms and Conditions/Customer Agreement Interactions

2 Jun 2010 - 3:43pm
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Diego Moya

On 17 May 2010 22:53, Dustin Kirk wrote: > If you actually give a crap about communicating terms and conditions to > users, you will want to think about the big picture.  That means designing > the actual terms and conditions to be readable and presented in an elegant > manner that doesn't turn people off. > > For a bit of inspiration, check out Alan Siegel's TED talk: Let's simplify > legal jargon! > On > the other hand if you are simply going to display the plain text legalese > that we are all familiar with, then you can simply hide it and get it as far > out of view as possible so your users don't hate you for it. -d- On Mon, May

The best experience I've had with legal documents is with the Creative Commons [1] licenses. They follow that exact route and have created a simple, readable front-end to the legal document that expresses the same content in plain English. Granted, their licenses are extremely simple [2] and are easy to adapt to that readable format.

[1] [2]

The second best approach I've seen, one with works with more common licenses, is the Eulalyzer program [3]. It's a freeware application that performs a simple text scanning and highlights the dubious words that are usually associated with a limiting or contemptible clause (such as those dealing with privacy, personal information disclosure, or waiving rights).


I think the morale is, you can't hope dealing with legal documents by providing a good layout of panels and scrollwheels. You must explain the legal content itself in a way that's designed for laypersons to understand instead of lawyers.

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