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2 Jun 2010 - 12:34am
6 years ago
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Kofi Aidoo

Hi all,

I volunteer for a Charity Kite Flying event called FlyNY which is sponsored by NY Parks and Recreation and Architecture for Humanity( and I was hoping to recruit a volunteer or two to help me build a registration site. At the moment we doin't have very much support for web services and it would really help streamline the process if we could code our registration form ito web format and have a small database behind it.

The event website is here:  

Please have a look and let me know if you'd like to participate. It's a great event and it raises money for a different range of architectural projects in at risk neighborhoods or rebuilding projects in places like Haiti.

Thanks in advance.



17 Jun 2010 - 10:39am
Karri Ojanen

Hey Kofi,

This sounds like an interesting project. It sounds like you're looking for a developer to help out with the actual coding. I'm an IxD and don't really have much more than very simple coding skills, but let me know if you need any other help and perhaps we can talk more.


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