Re: [IxDA] What is the new metaphor?

4 May 2010 - 8:38pm
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I realised last year that this new term I heard for touch devices was NUI. Then I found out that people in HCI have been researching this stuff for a long time, not just with technology gadgets.
'Is there a new metaphor' is a great question. 
However I learn more and more everyday to look at what was there before the metaphor of the 'desktop' and are we more (as David Drucker mentioned) shifting 'the context of usage'. Shifting it to align the task outcomes and it's process to adapt more with what humans are trying to achieve with technology.
is the real-life metaphor that we are trying to describe just that 'real-life'?I'd like to think so. Less focus on the technology

William Donovan

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