Last Night's Mentor Speed Dating - Thanks!

29 Apr 2010 - 1:41pm
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Hilary Bienstock

Had a great time at the mentor speed dating event last night!  Thanks to Angel, Artisan Creative, Art Institute, and all others who helped put it together.  Wonderful to meet all the mentees (though I admit that I'm relieved that not EVERYONE on the mentee list showed up -- it was exhausting enough to talk to the 18 or so who were there).

After the event, Chris Rider and I were discussing how important first impressions (like what Malcolm Gladwell talks about in Blink) are in speed dating vs. talking to someone and getting to know what their interests are.  Turns out there's been a study on that (of course).  Take a look:

Speed Dating Study

Looking forward to participating in the mentor program, and thanks again everyone for the event!


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