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29 Apr 2010 - 10:07am
6 years ago
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Ania Powers

Not sure where to address this...

I've changed some settings of email notifications today and, as a result, I suddenly reveived dozens "out of office" autoresponders informing me, which member is on maternity/paternity leave, which is no longer with his/her company, which just took vacation etc.

I have no clue which setting caused it and I don't think this system was designed with this intention... after all, some folks imay consider the information about their employment and/or time off as sensitive and they may not even know this information is posted. I'd like to disable it myself, because I keep receiving them every couple minutes... it's lame, but not sure how.


29 Apr 2010 - 10:31am
Matt Nish-Lapidus


The out of office reply thing is a known issue, and is currently being worked on.  You will get these messages when you post to the site.  This has to do with the current email headers, and will hopefully be resolved soon.  For now you can check the status on Get Satisfaction: 


Sorry for the trouble, there are still some issues around email that we're trying to tackle.

Matt (& the IxDA)

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