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27 Apr 2010 - 7:44am
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Matt Nish-Lapidus

Hi Everybody,

I'm very happy to see that, despite some ongoing issues, there are still lots of discussions happening and great participation on the site.

A number of those discussions are job postings.  On the old mailing list all jobs (and events etc) were posted as messages to the list, however on the new website we have a dedicated section for jobs - the Job Board.  This is the best place to post jobs, and keeps the list traffic focussed on interaction design discussions.  So, if you have a job to post please check out the Jobs section and post it there instead of in Discussions.

Also, if you are replying to a job posting (either from the Job Board or posted in discussions) please make sure you're replying to the person who posted the job, and not the entire community.  Right now, when you hit "reply" to an email it automatically addresses it to the list, so double check the "To" address before you send your reply.  (As an aside, there may be some changes coming that help fix this too).

I love seeing all the activity on the site, and hope that the new Job Board section helps job posters and job seekers, and helps keep the discussions threads focussed on actual discussions. 

Thanks everybody!

Matt & The IxDA Board.

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