Impact of banner advertising on the host site

24 Apr 2010 - 3:28am
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There are any number of articles, sites, views, agencies etc with information about how to make online advertising more effective. There's a distinct lack of information relating to the impact of ads on the host site. We know that users will say that they don't like things like popups, eyeblasters, and animations - but does it, and how does it, impact actual behaviour.

Most sites that carry advertising are information/news type sites, and the loss of visitors who click on ads is, in the scheme of things, not as important to them as the loss of visitors who click on ads on commerce sites. Does anyone know of any studies, or have any insights into how to measure the impact?

It's relatively straightforward to see the metrics of site visitors, clicks, traffic etc, but harder to measure the actual impact on brand, liklihood to re-visit etc, if a visitor has been annoyed by some type of advertising on a site.



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